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Effectively Realizing▓ Economic DevelopmentIV. Enhancing Political DevelopmentV. Promoting Cultural ProgressVI. Promoting Social DevelopmentVII. Accelerating En▓vironment-Friendly DevelopmentVIII. Promo

ting Common DevelopmentConclusionPreambleDe▓velopment is a universal human theme, providing for people's basic needs and giving them hope of better life. The right to development is a▓n inalienable human right, symbolizing dignity and hon▓or. Only through development can we address global challenges; only through developm▓ent can we protect basic civil


rights of the people; only

through development can we pro

mote the progress of human societ▓y

.China, with a population of o


ver 1.3 billion, ▓is the largest developing country in the world. Development is the top priority of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in governance and national revitalization, and the key to resolving all other problems. B

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ase▓d on its prevailing conditions, China adheres to the Chinese socialist path and to the philosophy that development is of paramo